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Voted  "Best Massage Therapist 2014" by the Log Cabin Democrat Reader's Poll

Leigh Ann Warriner, MMT (Master Massage Therapist)

Specializing in Therapeutic Massage - Swedish, Deep Tissue, CORE, SMRT, Trager, Sports Pre/Post Event, Nurturing Touch, Oncology Massage, Pediatric Massage, Manual Lymph Drainage

Preferred Provider - S4OM, Society for Oncology Massage  (

National Certifications - Manual Lymph Drainage (CMLDT) and Pediatric Massage (CPMT)

For Oncology Massage or if you have a referral from a physician please call me at 501-205-1908 or email me at to schedule.  I work in clients with immediate need and have spaces reserved for oncology care. 

NOTICE:  I am closed to new clients through the end of the year. UNLESS, you have a referral from a physician or CARTI, or have a gift certificate, in which case I will gladly accommodate you. Otherwise, I will reopen to new clients in January 2016.

(Anna, Jessi, Maggie and Ashley have taken over the lease at my old location at 7 Medical Lane, Suite A. To book with them go to

I practice a variety of techniques! Why not try something new?  Scroll down and check out the Specialty Care sessions. There is something for everyone!


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  • Massage and Bodywork by Leigh Ann

    Book the amount of time you would like and let me know at your visit the type of work you require; relaxation, therapeutic, head/neck/shoulders, etc.  My fee is "all inclusive". Your session may include at no additional costs; table warmer, hot or cold stones, hot paraffin wraps, hydrotherapy, therapeutic grade essential oils or organic honey.  Services I provide are; Therapeutic Deep Tissue, CORE Bodywork (a gentler form of Rolfing), Classic Swedish, Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD-Nationally certified), Pediatric Massage (ages 5 and up, Nationally certified), Shiatsu, SMRT (Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique) for Head, Neck and Shoulders, Sports Massage (Pre/Post event and training) and Auricular Therapy (Acupressure of the Ears-Eastern & Western Points) and Oncology Massage for relief of pain, anxiety, depression, nausea and fatigue.

    My sessions are Integrative in nature and include one or all of the above referenced techniques in one session. I also provide Hospice Care at no charge and gladly travel to your home or healthcare facility to offer soothing, nurturing touch.  (In addition to my MMT, I hold additional certifications in Pediatric Massage, CPMT, and Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy, CMLDT, and contining education hours in CORE Bodywork-a gentle style of Rolfing and SMRT, Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique. Also, I have specialized training in Oncology Massage and I am a Preferred Provider for the Society of Oncology Massage (S4OM), one of only 5 in  Arkansas.

    • 30 Minute Session $30
    • 45 Minute Session $45
    • 60 Minute Session $60
    • 75 Minute Session $75
    • The Oasis Sacred Massage $90
      My favorite.  A 80 minute sacred, full body session includes sacral hot stone massage, full face and head massage, cooling foot rub with my custom blended lotion.  Therapeutic grade essential oils are used.  The strokes are classic Swedish combined with Lomi Lomi; long, slow and nurturing.  Both linens and towels are used for draping.  This session is guaranteed to leave you relaxed and calm.  Please consider the remainder of your day when booking this session.  It is best to be able to savor the experience and go home and relax afterwards.
    • 90 Minute Session $90
    • 120 Minute Session $130
    • 30 Minute Manual Lymph Drainage Massage $30
      MLD is a specialized massage technique which stimulates the lymphatic system. It moves lymph fluid from the extremities towards the lymph node groups both primary and collateral and should be performed by therapists with specialized training.  I am nationally certified by Klose Training and listed as a provider in the MLD national register.  MLD can treat edema caused by injury or illness and Level 1 Lymphedema.  A 30 minute session can address one specific area.
    • Full Body Manual Lymph Drainage MLD $75
  • Specialty Care

    • Dry Brushing/Toweling $45
      Dry Brushing has it's roots in ancient Indian and is used for lymphatic support, exfoliation and the cleaning of pores, and to increase energy and blood flow.  Dry brushing is performed on dry skin. The stokes are rhythmic and one directional.  This session is 45 minutes long and includes the cost of a natural bristle brush for you to keep and instructions how to perform this technique at home.  Because clients often report a "burst of energy" after the treatment I suggest not booking at the end of the day.  NOTE: For more fragile skin this technique is performed using a towel with a dense nap.
    • College Student Special $35
      A 45 minute session designed to help ease the stress and tension of juggling classes, social life and bad ergonomics that often accompanies campus life. 
    • Therapeutic Facial Massage 45M $45
      This 45 minute session is perfect for relieving stress and tension in the face that can lead to headaches and TMJ syndrome.  Please arrive for the session with a clean face. I use a light, grape seed oil with lavender which is wonderful for the skin and will finish with warm, damp towels.  This session is also very beneficial for clients recovering from dental procedures that may have stressed facial muscles.
    • Hot Foot Massage $40


      I begin with hot towels and my own peppermint foot creme to cleanse and relax the feet, followed by a lovely foot massage with grape seed oil and essential oils.  A great way to ease tension and a good introduction to massage for the first time client. 

    • Scalp Massage $30
      During this 30 minute session I use gentle but firm pressure to grip small sections of hair and gently pull from your scalp to the end of each section of hair.  This causes a release of endorphins & tension in the micro muscles surrounding each hair follicle, causing the relaxation response in your entire body.  This treatment is effective for; headaches, whiplash, neck and shoulder tension, TMJ syndrome, nerve injury, body aches and stiffness, mental tension and emotional stress.
    • Scalp, Face & Neck Release $45
      This 45 minute session starts with a relaxing scalp massage to relax and ease tension.  Next I address the 4 muscles of mastication (Temporalis, Masseter, Lateral & Medial Pterygoid) to unclench the jaw which is very beneficial for relieving TMJ pain.  A soothing face massage follows and last but not least I knead and relax the neck muscles.  When needed we include hot or cold packs to enhance the work.
    • Headache Helper 45 minutes $45
      This session focuses on the scalp, muscles of the head, neck, face and shoulders to help ease tension triggered headache pain. I combine both hot and cold elements to help relieve pain and discomfort. It is most effective when the condition is treated at the onset of symptoms. If strong odors and lights contribute to your pain, just let ume know when booking and I will take extra measures to make sure you are comfortable.
    • Hot Stone Massage 1 hour $60
    • Honey Back Massage $30
      What is Honey Massage? My 30 minute session is the perfect way to try out this wonderful, unique treatment.  Using a 100% Organic honey and citrus blend I apply the honey and work sections at a time to release tension, separate fascia and create a smoother appearance. The honey is removed with hot towels and soothing, Indian Neroli Oil is applied to moisturize the skin.   It feels wonderful!
    • Deep Release - CORE $60
      CORE Bodywork is a style of Rolfing as taught by my mentor, Noah Karrasch.  It is performed over loose fitting, soft clothing.  CORE work is deep work and the client will be guided and instructed in breathing and movements that will enhance the result.  I also combine Shiatsu and compression as needed.  This is a great session for those with specific problem areas or who have reduced range of motion due to injury.



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